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Years ago, when I was in early years of my age, the process started building strong relationship with, “The Lahore City”. I can’t identify the first time of introduction but it started to lay down the strong foundations of such a friendship, which have to last beyond ages.
In those days my father (Papa) and Grand father (Dadu), Daily travel to our business office in center of Lahore city, from our suburban home. The distance was not long, it was nearly twenty minutes drive. Those were my pre-school days. Once or twice a week, I was pleasured to travel with them, from home to office and back.
Those days were colorful and filled with joys. Everything was interesting for me. Newly I had learned to stand, walk and run by myself. Words were becoming friendly and easy for me. I started to recognize colors, to sense weathers, to taste foods and to understand advices of elders. It became easily for me to identify what to do or not to do.
During drive to, the Lahore city my Lahore city starts from the railway crossing of Imamia Colony. While protected sitting on laps of my grand father at passenger seat. Often I look on road ahead or try to catch views of things on sides of road. At that time is seems to me that everything is running fastly backward. Now it is funny to recall feelings of that time but at that moment, it was strange and amazing, full of thrill.
Sometime I try to understand conversation between my grandfather and my father. Papa always drives the car. During the process of understanding I focus my listening only on parts of speech where word “Lahore” was prominent. These short durations of understandings ends by the sighting of “Date Trees” of Shahdara.
It was really joyfull effort to see glimpse of these tall and prestigious, date trees of Shahdara. Then our car rolls out of toll tax of River Ravi’s new bridge. A new kind of thrill starts for me here that we are driving on the bridge and river water flows under it. Always Dadu (Grand Father) rolls down window glass and put his protective arm around me more tightly to shows me following waters of Ravi. On right side of bridge stands. In between following river, the building of “Baradari”. Baradari means a building with twelve gates or doors. This was build by the orders of Kamran Mirza, Five hundred years ago. He was brother of Emperor Baber, the founder of Mughal Dyansty in Indo-Pak, sub-continent. On left side of bridge were two bridges very near to each other. One was called old bridge building in early years of Pakistan and other was the railway bridge, built in British era. Beyond these two bridges was horizon, empty and gray, which was always mysteries for me.
As short distance driven after the ravi’s bridge, the majestic view of “Baadshahi Masjid” (Empror Mosque) collects all attentions. Twenty year ago, the white marble dooms (Gumbads) of brighter than now days. The impression of this view are ever alive in my memories. By the side of mosque, in between vast lush green grassy lawns stands,  the Minar-e-Pakistan (Minarate of Pakistan). Behind the mosque, a tall flag of Pakistan, seems on the main enterence of historical Lahore fort. Between the red stone and green grassy colours of these above mentioned majestic buildings was a white building with golden dooms, seems shinning brightly with a orange colored flag. Later while growing up, I introduced with it as Marhi or Maharaja Ranjeet Singh. From here whole view changes fastly. Now irregularity and noise of traffic began to dominates everything. In few minutes we reach our business office. Office was much comfortable place for me. I spend time to see pictures in periodicals and drawing my own art works on plain sheets of papers. Mostly we go for lunch to some fine restaurant. Some times my uncle (Tauoo) also joins us for lunch form his office.
My visit was always planned on such days when there was less load of work. After lunch we come back to office from short duration. Every time on return journey to home, we stop on few places to bakery items and sweets. My Dadu (Grand father) always purchases some interesting toys for me. Now toys become the first priority for me. So I don’t show much interest in viewing sights on return journey. Nor the getting longer evening shadows bring any meanings or interest to me.
This short traveling of my early age crafted a very strong bonding between me and the Lahore city. So as time was passing and changes in my life started to take place. The soft and tiny plant of my relations with the Lahore city grow taller and stronger tree.
After early schooling I was admitted for regular schooling in the Lahore city. I graduated from model town degree collage, followed by MBA. During all these years, I not only lived in the Lahore city, but started to breath and feel along with this majestic city. When my collage life reached at middle point, a new change cam for me. I started to take part in activities of family business. So this change brought lot of traveling in country and abroad. I attended a number of trainings, seminars, workshops, conferences and exhibitions of international standards. All over these events gave me chance to meet persons of different nationalities. Where ever I went and whoever I met all those foreigners showed their deep interest to know more about the Lahore city.
This was the spark which ignited the fire and urged to develop such website, which could truly meet all requirements of knowledge to fulfill every one’s desires. Beside this reason may be or certainly will be the strength of the strong bonding of early age with every alive and cheerful, the Lahore city. Love for the Lahore city, always delighted me and I want to share, the glorious history, majestic traditions and cheerful alive memories, with everyone.
“So lets feel in Love with the Lahore city”. 



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