Lahore-Ankara train feasibility completed

(SAM-R) Pakistan and Turkey is all set to sign Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA) early next year with $2 billion target of two-way trade while the list of goods in this regard is being finalized. With a view to give further boost to existing trade volume, feasibility study has been completed to run train between Lahore and Ankra while a number of other agreements have also been concluded that would benefit the two sides.


Lahore Chamber warns of protests against 4-day gas load-shedding

(SAM-R) The Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) on Wednesday warned the government of massive protests if the four-day gas closure decision was not reverted to three days a week with immediate effect for the industry in Punjab, a statement said.



(SAM-R) Afternoon of 26 Th. February, turned into romantic evening for cheerful Lahoris. It was all due to nature. All of sudden dark gray clouds appeared on the northern horizon and swift breeze started to blow. Fine drizzling started with wet aroma of moist soil. Within few minutes thunderous melodies brought hail downpour. Very long interval of more then decade was since last hail downpour like this. Lahoris, who are universally famous to enjoy the exciting moments, not missed these moments. Soon everyone was out to open places and roofs to view the down pour of hails. They never cared about chilling temperatures and blows of hails. Some road users took shelter under trees and shades some continued their journey and enjoyed besides getting wet. Some elders with orthodox approach collected hails in bottles and jars, for cure, good luck and magic. At many places people rushed to shops to buy samosas, nimko and jalebis. Ladies at home prepared some quick recipes to enjoy with evening tea. At some places traffic jams were seen due to weather enjoying crowds. Every one was pleasure filled and with exchange of smiles wishing others these moments to come soon. Lets see when again roofs and roads wear white costume again.  


(SAM-R) Today annual elections of the Lahore High Court Bar Association held. More then thirteen thousand and five hundred (13500) members of the Bar are casting their vote from nine (9.00 am) to five (5.00 pm). New office bearers will be elected for one year term. Full involvement of members is seen in the process of voting. It should be kept in mind that elections of the Lahore high Court Bar Association have history of one hundred and fifty (150) years of non stop continuous elections. During every kind of circumstances these elections held every year on scheduled time. The importance of these elections is recognized world wide. These elections print impressions on politics of country.



(SAM-R) Lahoris are anxious about Basant. Is government going to permit or not?  Since centuries the Basant was most favorite festival of locals. Basant is seasonal festival, which is celebrated to welcome the spring. Colorful kites were runned, people wear yellow cloths. The yellow color is associated with blossoms of the mustard fields. Feasts of traditional cuisine are enjoyed along loved ones. But since last few years use of metal dor (thread) became dangerous for human. So government imposed ban to celebrate the Basant. Like last year, the people are hopeful that the government will permit to celebrate the festival of Basant.


Bomb Blast in Lahore at Procession of Chehlum of Martyrs of Karbal (Tuesday, January 25, 2011)

(SAM-R) At least nine people were killed and various others injured in bomb blast at Bhati Gate near Karbala Gamay Shah. The injured are being shifted to hospital.
According to people; the blast occurred when a young boy came and exploded himself at police’s check post during checking.
According to initial report provided by the police, a bomb blasted in Hazrat Imam Hussain’s (A.S) Chehlum procession in front of Karbal Gamey Shah near Urdu Baazar area of Lahore.
The police and rescue teams rushed to the blast site and cordoned off the area. Many high officials also reached on the blast place. The dead bodies and injured were moved to Mayo and other near by hospitals.
According to latest new the procession is still going on its way. after blast in lahore there is another explosion in karachi.

blast in lahore blast in lahore blast in lahore

blast in lahore blast in lahore blast in lahore



(SAM-R). According to media reports, Ali Jamshed the missing boy in free air ride story is alive. He called his cousin, from his cell phone. After that moment his cell is not answered and continuously going in off mode. Security agencies got details of his call log from connection Provider Company. Meanwhile police brought Army search dogs to the house of Ali Jamshed. Search dogs sniffed the belongings of the boy. The dogs went to airport area and came back to door of boy’s house. They kept sitting there for long time. This is said by this maneuver of dogs shows that boy is alive and this is in knowledge of family members



(SAM-R). Nine hundred and seventieth (970) annual urs of famous Sufi saint, Hezrat Ali Hajveri known as Data Sahib, is started from last night. The proceedings will last for three days. People are visiting shrine of Data sahib day and night to offer fateh and say prayers. They are bringing chaders (embroidered precious cloth sheets) and flower garlands. Whole area is filled with alive and continuous sounds of dhools (drums). Devotees coming performing Dhamal (Sufi dance) on tune of dhools. Meanwhile the historical Sabeel (free drinking) of milk is serving around the clock to everyone.



(SAM-R). Chelum of martyrs of Karbala is celebrated today with traditional respect and devotion. Chelum is celebrated on fortieth day of death, according to religious teachings. The martyrs of Karbala were seventy one companions of Hezrat Imam Hussain (A.S), the grandson of Holy Prophet Hezrat Mohammed (S.A.W).All these seventy two martyrs were killed on land known Karbala in Iraq. The year was sixty one hijrah.Their cause was to protect true ideology and teachings of Islam. Since last fourteen hundred years the days of martyrdom, the Ashura and Chelum are celebrated by Muslims all over the world.
 The traditional procession of Tazia (replica of mausoleum of Hezrat Imam Hussain) Chelum will be brought out from Hehvelli Alef Shah inside walled city. After moving through Chowk Nawab Sahib, Masjid Wazir Khan, Pani Wala Talab, Shahi Mohallah, Bazaar Hakimah, Bhatti Gate the procession will end around dusk time at Karbala Gamay Shah. All the time Matum, Zengirzani and Nuhah Khawani will continue.



(SAM-R) The historical monument of Pani Wala Talab is facing danger of damage by seepage of underground water supply pipes. The residents of locality told that there is eight feet deep creator formed by this seepage and increasing. It should be kept in mind that Pani Wala Talab (storage pond of water) was built in Mughal Era. This was used to store and supply water to walled city. Many modifications were carried out during British period but the importance of this place remains. After independence it was use as offices of water supply department and gradually became a monument.


Tribute to Faiz Ahmad Faiz

(SAM-R) Hundred years ago, famous revolutionary poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz, born.Faiz lovers arranged a meeting presided by ‘Monoo Bhai’.In this meeting unanimously decided that the whole year of two thousand and eleven will be celebrated as birth year of Faiz Ahmad Faiz.After every fifteen days, celebrations will take place at different venues through out Pakistan.


Crime Reduction

(SAM-R) The Lahore city Police announced in press conference, that twenty members of three criminal gangs are arrested. This is due to efforts of joint crime control unit. Number of looted motor cycles, cars, ornaments, cell phones along with ten million rupees recovered from arrested criminals. Huge numbers of illegal arms are in recovery list.


House Turns In Ashes

(SAM-R) House caught fire due to electric short circuit, in Sabzazar area. House numbered 418-E was owned by Mr.Sarfaraz advocate. According to rescue department beside damage to property the domestic accessories of half million rupees were turned to ashes.


Hair Dresses Looted

(SAM-R) Late night in the area of mughal pura.Famous hair dressing shop,’Kashif Hair Saloon’ was looted by unknown gunman. Owner of the shop stated to media that when he was serving the customers with the staff. Few people were waiting their turn. A young man entered the shop weaving his gun. He holds all the present and successfully took two cell phones and sixty one thousand rupees. Police reached post three hours of information. This is first ever incidence of its kind. Before this never any barber shop was looted in the Lahore city as far back people could remember. Police called to one of looted cell phone. The call was responded by a person. Astonishingly a person  not only picked the call but told police that he know about the looting which one of his friend acted and this cell phone is booty.


Mystery solved

(SAM-R) At last five days old mystery solved. He was Qasim sidduqe, seventeen years old, student of ninth class.
Qasim siddque was son of local electrician, living in Daroogawala area. He was studying in ninth class of  Al-hadi school.
On morning of thirteenth of January, Qasim went to school along his friend, Ali Jamshed.
Both friends missed the school and gone somewhere unknown. The families of both searched for them when they were not back home from school on time. But can’t find any connected clue. Same night body of Qasim was found fallen down with crushing bang on the roof of a house, near airport. Police sources said, they are successful in finding school bags of boys inside airport premises. Further details waited.

After the identification deceased Qasim and its re-burial in Momin pura graveyard. Police has registered FIR regarding missing of Ali Jamshed, companion of Qasim on morning of thirteenth of January.
Police is successful in recovering the school bag of Ali Jamshed from airport premises. They found two pairs of pants and shirts in that bag. Moving a step further, police has published a wall poster with image of Ali Jamshed and circulated in more then two hundred police stations on the route of Air blue’s flight to Dubai.
According to reliable sources, both these boys, Qasim Siddque and Ali Jamshed, kept roaming along roads all day of thirteenth January. And after dusk they were seen near the fences of airport.


Mystery Prolongs

(Sam-r) What is mystery behind the incident of Al-faisal town? Dead body of young boy found on roof of a house.
It was 9.15 pm on thirteenth of January 2011.the residents of  house no.34,block ‘A ‘of Al-Faisal town, were afraid by loud noise of falling sound of load on roof of their house.
The blow of falling load caused cracks in concrete structure. This house is owned by Haji Afzal.All the present rushed to roof. They found there, fresh blood bathed dead body of a boy. Aging nearly twenty. Soon the police of area reached. The first report reflects the both hands and many bones of the deceased were frarectured.there were wounds of razor wire on both legs and feet. This type of wire is used on the boundary fences of airport for security. Police and concerned authorities started investigations. Most residents of locality fully agreed that boy fell from some airplane. This house is in line of taking off airplanes from Lahore airport.
The identification of deceased if still unknown. Police send the finger prints to department of NADRA.
According to reasonable journalist sources, after three days of investigations, police submitted confidential report to airport authorities. In this report, police confirmed that boy died by falling from airplane.
Let’s see what more happens in this case and who is the deceased?


Predictions Failed

fog in lahoreMet office predictions about returning of sun shine, free from fog and chill failed. Beside Good News now Lahori’s have to bare chill and fog for few days more.
Lets hope for good, so till then enjoy romance of Fog and Chill.


Governor Punjab Salman Taseer shot dead within Khosar Market.

Salman Taseer (Governor Punjab) Killed by a police constable named Mumtaz Qadri on 04 January 2011, Mumtaz Qadri belonged to an important department police and being a commando Mumtaz Qadri rolling a part of Salman Taseer Governor Punjab in Pakistan.
Salman Taseer is when Salman came back from meeting Kohsaar Market in Islamabad and sitting in his car, Suddenly Mumtaz Qadri attacked on Salman Taseer with full power breasted by SMG(short hand machine gun) automatic.
Salman Taseer died at this point and Mumtaz Qadri arrested by police. Investigation is running about reality. Dead body Salman Taseer came to Lahore through VIP Plane and funeral listen to Cavalry Ground Lahore near Salman Taseer resident.




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